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Setting Picture and Image Properties

Another related property is tJU’ Image property, which is a pointer to n structure in memory where the bits of the image are stored, Unlike the Picture property, the Image property is read-only and used to pass bitmaps to APTfunctions, ” you’ll see in Chapter 13, The WinJoliJs API. Another difference between the Image and Picture properties is that…

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Graphics Controls

You din place graphics on three controls: • Form • PictureBox • ImageBox The main difference in these three controls is that the ImageBox control is designed specifically for displaying images and not for creating new images or manipulating them. The other two controls provide drawing methods that let you design graphics at runtime. The methods for loading…

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Drawing with Visual Basic

One of the most interesting and fun parts o! a programming language, is its graphics elements. In general, graphics fall into two major categories: vector and bitmap. Vector graphiCs.are images generated by graphics commands such as the Line and Circle commands. Biimap graphics are images that can be displayed ‘on various controls and processed on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The…

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