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Initially the role of the browser was to render Web pages on the client computer. Web page- are simple text files with the text and information as to how the text should appear in the browser’s window. HTML is a document-formatting language basis RTF (Rich Text Format); it’s not a programming language. Displaying a Web page in the…

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Internet And Web Protocols

The Internet is a global dis’”tributed network of computers that use a common protocol to communicate-TCP/lP (Transmission Control Protocol/lnternet Protocol). TCP lIP is a simple protocol because it had to be implemented consistently on all computers and operating systems. Indeed TCP lIP is a truly universal protocol but you needn’t know much about it. It’s there when you need…

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Introduction to the Web

If there is one technology that caught up literally overnight and has affected more users than any other it is the Web. Lie World ·Wide Web is the set of all Web sites and the documents they can provide to clients. The computers that host Web sites are called servers their service is to provide the documents that…

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