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The Events of the Web Browser Control and the Internet Explorer Object

The events of the WebBrowser and the InternetExplorer object are triggered each time the user moves to another URL with Internet Explorer’s navigation buttons or the WebBrowser control’s navigation methods. They also monitor the progress of each download and let your application know when the download of a page is finished. BeforeNavigate2 This event occurs when the WebBrowser…

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The Properties of the WebBrowser control and the lnternet Explorer Object

In this and the following two sections, we will look at the most common properties, methods, and events of the WebBrowser control and the InternetExplorer object. Most members apply to both, but the following sections focus on the members of the WebBrowser control. Application This property returns the automation object where HTML documents are displayed (the Browser control or…

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The Intemet Explorer Object

The IntemetExplorer object allows yOu to start an instance of Internet Explorer from within your application and manipulate it througll OLE Automation. The Internet- Explorer object ~pports the same properties and methods as the WebBrowser control, plus a few more. Wewill look at the object’s properties and methods shortly, but ,first let’s build an application that controls Internet Explorer.…

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Visual’ Basic and the Web

Sofar, you have seen how to apply.Visual Basic to the Web by means of scripting Web pages with VBScript. This chapter demonstrates the merging of the desktop and the Web and includes the related objects and examples. The first topic I’ll discuss is the WebBrowser control, which lets you display HTML documents in yo’:!r VB applications. With this control,…

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