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A Project’s Files

You can, however, create project files from within a special application. which .. is usually called a code generator. A code generator is an application that creates the code of an application based on user-supplied data. The various Wizards, for instance, are code generators; they generate code for the programmer. This code is usually the skeleton of…

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An Application with Multiple Forms

Few applications are built on a single Form. Most applications use two, three, or more Forms, which correspond to separate sections of the application. In this section, we are going to build an application that uses three Forms and lets the user switch among them at will. You’ll see how to write an application that opens multiple windows on…

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Building a Math Calculator

Our next application is more advanced, but not as advanced as it looks. It’s a math calculator with a typical visual interface that demonstrates how Visual Basic can simplify programming. If you haven’t tried may think that writing an application such as this one is way too complicated, but it isn’t. The Math application is shown. and you’ll find…

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Visual Basic Projects

The previous chapter introduced Visual Basic’s development editor, basic controls, and the principles of event-driven programming. In this chapter, we expand on that introduction to the language by building some real-life applications. Among other topics, we’ll look at how to write applications that have multiple windows, how to validate user input, and how to write error-trapping routines. We’ll also…

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