The Docking Tab VB Help

In this tab, you specify which windows will be dockable. A dockable
window is attached (or “anchored”) together windows that are dockable or to the main window. When you move a dockable window, it “snaps” to the new location. You can move a non dockable window anywhere on the screen.

Check the box in front of the names of the windows that you want to behave as dockable, and clear the rest.

The Environment Tab

In this tab you specify various attributes of your Visual Basic development environment. Changes made in this tab are saved in the Registry and loaded every time you restart Visual Basic.

When Visual Basic Starts

The following options let you specify what happens when you start Visual Basic (whether it prompts you for a project name or starts a default executable program).

Prompt for Project Click this button if you want Visual Basic to display.the New Project window when it starts.

,Create Default Project Click this button if you want a default executable (EXE) project to open each time you start Visual Basic.

When a Program Starts

The following options let you specify what happens when you start an application (when you press F5 or choose Start> Run).

Save Changes Click this option if you want to automatically save changes to a project (without prompting) every time you run it. If this option is selected, you won’t lose changes when your application crashes Visual Basic. However, if you are making extensive changes to your application, you may want to go back to the previous version, and with this option selected, it will be too late.

Prompt to Save Changes Click this option if you want Visual Basic to always prompt save changes to your project when you run it.

Don’t Save Changes Click this option if you want Visual Basic not to save the’ project automatically or to prompt you to save it when you run it.

Show Templates For

Check the boxes in this section to specify which templates are displayed in the Project menu when you add an item to a project.

Templates Directory

In this textbox, enter the full path name of the folder where template files are stored.

The Advanced Tab

Background Project Load Check this checkbox to specify that projects are loaded in the background. When projects are loaded in the background, control , returns to the developer more quickly.

Notify When Changing Shared Project Items‘ Check this checkbox if you want Visual Basic to notify you when you change a shared project item such as a Form or Module and try to save it.

SDI Development Environment Check-this checkbox if you want to work in an SOl (Single Document Interface) environment. In this book, we use the MDI (Multiple Document Interface) environment.

External HTML Editor If you are going to develop DHTML applications with . Visual Basic and you want to be able to invoke your favorite HTML editor (such as FrontPage Express or Word) from within the Visual Basic IDE, enter the name of the HTML editor in this textbox:

Posted on November 4, 2015 in Getting Started with Visual Basic

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